Born in London, artist and educator Rhoda Fisher moved to Qatar in 2014. She works in a variety of media including painting, printing and drawing. She graduated in a Foundation degree in Fine Arts and practices at Byam Shaw Central, St Martins in 2007 and continued her studies into education.

In 2020 Rhoda completed her Masters in Fine Arts at Open College of the Arts.

Focusing on body of work explores Black British Women in history.

Her deliberate use of a black gridded background is directly representational of her theme. The margins and marginalisation project to bring awareness to the social, cultural and racial stereotypes of black women that are embedded in world history and are a direct result of the transatlantic slave trade.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Black Excellence exhibition Doha, Qatar

Queens of the wall London, UK

Playing the Race card Black Joy Hastings, UK.

Exhibited works

Becoming Monumental Autograph gallery (online) London UK

Abolitions Festival (Online) France,

Art in the time of COVID exhibition The Sheikh Faisal Museum Doha, Qatar.

WorkinLife- Art exhibition Workinton Alfardan Centre Doha, Qatar

Black history art exhibition The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery, Birmingham UK

Art educator exhibition Doha Fire Station Gallery, Doha, Qatar

Unguarded exhibition LOFT Gallery, London, UK

Art in mind exhibition The Brick Lane Gallery London, UK