The importance of the muse, the inspiration of many an artist has been explored for thousands of years. They inspire and provoke the creator into exploring their own themes, thoughts and desires. The Muse has (in most circumstances) always been female, a person of beauty and intrigue. Influencing the male European artist to create major art pieces, visual artists such as Klimt, Vermeer and Michelangelo use them to create iconic paintings revered around the world.

In the study of the Modern Muse, I attempt to alter the narrative of the female muse. I look at the complexity of the woman, ideals, life story and personality. This multi- layered response to the theme/title shows the modern muse as women who broke through gender, socio-economical and racial barriers or events in history.

I created the series called the Modern Muse for my final exhibition for my Masters in 2020 where I photographed the personal response of six women of African descent to my drawn portraits.

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