GRIEF is something that cannot be explained. It cannot be described; I feel it is something that is just there. Losing a loved one someone that you’re close to, and in my case, my mum was in my eyes one of the worst experiences.

Taking the element of spirituality and exploring the concept of guardian angels. In Christianity, we learn of the Arch angels Michael and Gabriel and of course Lucifer who became satan. Through research I found there were many, many others such as Uriel and Rafael. These angels sent to guide, advise, encourage and protect you.

To get through this work, I was able to destress and focus on something other than my grief all direct my pain in a creative way. The work makes me feel peaceful and contemplative and helps me to reflect on my relationship with my mum. In this work, I hoped that it would encourage and support others, not necessarily to believe in angels, but to use the process of art therapy to help them while they process their own grief.

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