London's Calling

Aunty Pat


Throughout my recent studies, my theme, Margins and Marginalisation emphasises the historical impact that Black women of African descent have placed on our current society. I work using pens and pencils and I invert my fragmented portraits drawing the highlights of the face on a black gridded background. In 2019, began with a series called ‘I am’ in which I recreated a selection of known women’s faces from the Caribbean, the UK North and South America on calico, roughly primed with black gesso to make a vivid monochromatic portrait.

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Wishartworks current exploration through her theme margins and marginalisation bring awareness to the powerful impact of Black women on world history. Click and watch these videos to explore the lives of these phenomenal women of colour. Rosa Parks London Calling Mrs Norma Best Claudia Jones Mother.Police.Stephen Lily.Crimea.Doctress Muse.Gender.Culture Angels

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Born in London, artist and educator Rhoda Fisher moved to Qatar in 2014. She works in a variety of media including painting, printing and drawing. She graduated in a Foundation degree in Fine Arts and practices at Byam Shaw Central, St Martins in 2007 and continued her studies into education.

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